Officially unlock iPhone 6, 6S plus by whitelisting

Officially unlock iPhone 6, 6S plus by whitelisting IMEI from carrier and Apple database

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You can check it out here: Free AT&T iPhone unlock (*update 18th Nov, 2016: Free AT&T unlocking is now available for iPhone 3GS only).

For other carriers, you can unlock your iPhone here: Unlock iPhone 6, 6S (plus)

So, what is the benefit of using an “Official unlock“?

  1. Once the unlocking is completed, you just need to connect it to a Wifi network or iTunes, your iPhone will be unlocked automatically!
  2. This unlock is official! We unlock your iPhone by whitelisting the iPhone IMEI number from the carrier and Apple database. So this method is lifetime unlock.
  3. Your iPhone will never get relocked in future, even if you restore it by iTunes, upgrade iOS version…
  4. All features will work without any trouble, no more restrictions!
  5. Your iPhone will work well with the stability provided with an official Apple-sanctioned unlock! No need to use Gevey SIM or any Software
  6. This unlock will NOT void any Apple policy or warranty because we will work directly with your carrier to unlock it! (You can call Apple support to verify)